May 26, 2018 2 min read

Cleaning Sharpie Off Of Your Hands

If you use Sharpie pens, you'll probably want to learn how to get Sharpie off skin and hands, because we all know if can be a real mess. To remove Sharpie from hands (and some kid's faces), you need the right solution.

We are always finding ways to grow the uses of our Grip Clean products. Everyone uses Sharpie! From artists to construction workers drawing cut lines, to kindergarten teachers helping their students color, it can get all over your hands and skin. Sometimes the average hand soap/body soap doesn't cut it to remove this stubborn ink. We decided to hit the Grip Clean lab to see if we could get Sharpie off skin and hands better than the competition!

Once we got to the lab the team went for it with a standard Sharpie. Our CEO, Bryce, covered his hands with Sharpie marks. We wanted to know how to get permanent marker off skin quickly.  He continued the daily routine to REALLY let the chemicals of the marker seep into the pores of his hands. After a few hours we hit the famous GC Headquarters sink to begin the wash experiment. When beginning our wash, we added two squeezes of Grip Clean for that extra scrub. After 30-60 seconds of deep rubbing and cleaning we noticed the permanent marker had disappeared as well as removing ALL chemicals right off his hands.

Safe to say that this was a successful experiment and we found out that GC does in fact remove Sharpie off your hands. We love being creative with our product and finding out what GC works best with (or doesn't work at all against), is just the beginning. If YOU ever come across an innovative way of using Grip Clean, feel free to send it in by filling out the form below! It may be featured in our weekly blog '101 ways of using Grip Clean'. Until next week!


Apply two squeezes of Grip Clean to your hands with some pressure and scrub away.

After a good 30-60 second wash and a nice rinse your hands are fresh and clean again!



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