Grip Clean was born in the dirt and mud of the motocross circuit. Looking for a hand cleaner that would break down grease and oil without damaging his skin, 5-star X Games medalist Bryce Hudson made the first batch of Grip Clean in a kitchen crockpot, using bentonite clay and other all-natural ingredients. Today, our mainstay recipe remains largely unchanged, though we’ve scaled up our production to high-capacity equipment (what we call “really, really big crockpots”) to meet the demand of techs across the nation. We remain proudly family owned and made in America.


So did the idea have legs? Nope—It had wheels! In 2015, an impressive performance on the TV show Shark Tank brought Grip Clean into the spotlight. We’ve since grown our team, brand, and products from hand soaps to a whole line of high-grade janitorial supplies to keep you stocked and stoked, whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or an industrial business.


We’ve got the throttle down to keep gear heads and garage junkies supplied with the best cleaning soaps and supplies out there. Despite our growth, we remain unwavering in our core values of being a family-owned, people-first company, of providing personal service to every customer, of creating the highest-quality products with zero compromises, and ensuring that our cleaners are as skin healthy as can be.

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