October 25, 2016 1 min read


Hey there everyone, I hope you all are enjoying the new website and content we have been trying to keep up on!

We get quite a few requests from our customers’ time to time, and we do our best to try and meet their expectations. But, the one request that has been a constant since launching online last year is “I don’t want to pay shipping, where can I buy this stuff locally?!?”.

And while we completely agree that this isn’t too much to ask for, never did we realize how hard it would be to hit retail stores…

But with all the being said, we have headed in the right direction and have launched into a few stores near you!

Cycle Gear has become one of our first Motorcycle distributors and we are beyond excited on our partnership with them. So, if you find yourself dirty and disgusting and unable to go home for fear that your significant other may have “had it” for the last time, head to your local Cycle Gear store to save your relationship.

Big thanks to all you guys for the continued support!

-Bryce Hudson/aka “Soap Boy”