December 02, 2021 1 min read

So the TikTok fans have a thing for spicy chips with food coloring and dye.

The last request was Flaming Hot Cheetos & Lime & we knocked that one out of the park!

So here we are with yet another TikTok challenge & this time the fans want to see if we can get the blue dye from Takis off our fingers.

Watch this video to the end & check out our final results, enjoy!


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can we take off takis well let's give this one a shot here we go [Applause] all right my hands are clearly stained blue i look like an oompa loompa so let's try to get it off let's go so if your hands are that covered in takis dust you might need to learn how to eat again but overall this was actually a fun test to do the blue stain actually stained my hands worse than i thought it would and had no problem coming off with our hand cleaner so if you guys are eating this much talkies that's a win for grip clean