How To Remove Turmeric Stains From Skin And Nails

December 02, 2021 2 min read


Let's be honest.  Finding a good way for how to remove turmeric stains from skin and hands can be difficult. And figuring out how to remove turmeric stains from nail can sometimes be even tougher. Here at Grip Clean we offer a heavy duty hand soap that works amazing removing grease and grime.  But will it remove turmeric?  That's what our new video is going to help us find out!  

Another TikTok request & this time the challenge features Turmeric!

Anyone that uses this to prep with in any of their dishes knows exactly what this root does to your skin & how difficult it can be to clean off.

So we went ahead & accepted the challenge with some turmeric powder dying my skin yellow only to see if Grip Clean can handle the clean up!

Watch this video to the end & check out the final results, enjoy!



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can we take off turmeric powder well everyone's been saying this stuff is a nightmare to get off your skin so we're gonna try it with some grip clean now this stuff was super yellow i have no idea if the actual plant itself would stain you any worse but holy smokes this stuff does not come off with regular water as you see here so i'm going straight with our ultra heavy duty soap and a scrub brush to dive deep into those pores to try to remove this stain now it was working pretty darn good it got most of that stuff off no problem it did leave a yellowish tint you see that it did not get it all the way out so i'm stepping it up going for a secondary wash here to try to remove it all and let's see if we can get it here we can see some yellow in there so not a hundred percent i think overall i'm gonna give this one maybe a uh six and a half out of ten not a solid ten so wow this was really hard to get off so if you guys have any other recommendations to some stuff we should try drop a comment give us a follow we'll try it