June 15, 2021 1 min read

Here's another highly requested video, but this time we go for POND BLUE pond dye!




✅ All-natural dirt infused formula


🙌 Will not dry or crack skin


🛠️ Maximum grease absorption power


🇺🇸 Made in the USA


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pond die project huh all right well this should be a fun one let's see what kind of mess i can get into today so here we have some pond blue dye that i picked up at my last home depot run and well i'm gonna dye my pond this stuff is pretty cool i used way too much there but hey pond is looking fresh and here we go i'm gonna pour this nasty stuff on my hands and now i am looking like a straight smurf now regular water is not even gonna begin to touch this stuff inks and dyes are some of the hardest stuff to get off your skin i'm gonna use our all natural grip clean soap here in my opinion it did a great job i'd give it an overall rating of an 8 out of 10 but i did have a ton of pawn dye on my hands we are going to be doing another video in the future with the powdered stuff so if you guys are working with the industrial grade stuff and want to see that video be sure to give us a like and a follow and we'll drop that one soon