Best way to Clean /Remove Acetone from your hands!

At some point you are most likely going to run into a situation where you need to use some Acetone.

Whether it comes from trying to take paint off, used as a nail polish remover, removing sticky residue, or just about anything else you need to do with it.

When you are done, your hands are going to dry out quick, also you will be left with the overwhelming chemical scent that it leaves behind.

Although you cannot see the acetone on my hands trust us, it is there and it wreaks! The only real way to show you how well Grip Clean gets the job done is with the "Smell Test" on Soap Girl.

Watch along as we show you how with one quick wash with Grip Clean Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner absorbs all toxins along with the scent and washes them away.

1 wash and your are ready for your next project!

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