May 17, 2019 2 min read


At some point you are most likely going to run into a situation where you need to use some Acetone.  But how to remove acetone stain or get rid of acetone smell can be difficult. 

Whether it comes from trying to take paint off, used as a nail polish remover, removing sticky residue, or just about anything else you need to do with it, acetone can leave your hands stained or with a strong smell. So let's get rid of acetone smell on your hands and get you smelling clean and fresh again!

After using our Grip Clean hand soap, your hands are going to dry out quick, also you will be left with the overwhelming chemical scent that it leaves behind.

Although you cannot see the acetone on my hands trust us, it is there and it wreaks! The only real way to show you how well Grip Clean gets the job done is with the "Smell Test" on Soap Girl.

Watch along as we show you how with one quick wash with Grip Clean Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner absorbs all toxins along with the scent and washes them away.


1 wash and your are ready for your next project!

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acetone this stuff is very nasty and dangerous for your hands but obviously you come in contact with it every now and then look this stuff says acetone cleans project residue thins fiberglass resins epoxy and adhesives drives dries fast by clean strip so for the point of purpose in this video I'm gonna put some on my hands and then we're gonna do the smell test yeah oh that's misty that's real no sting actually not as bad as I thought they would but smell those Eric here smell those see yep yep we stink so here we go excuse um crypt clean here now I know this is invisible you couldn't see any acetone on my hands but let me promise you you just saw me for a whole bunch on there it's my instinct this can happen if you're cleaning your fingernails you're a woman taking out nail polish you're a painter wherever may be since this is an odor I'm actually gonna kind of let this soap sit on here for a couple seconds let's soak up kind of [Music] that always happens every time alright so anyways my hands were clean before but obviously they are still clean to me they smell like nothing which is a win but let's go do the smell test with Courtney good with let me know you ask me when it's mostly yeah look lime what yeah when lime essential oil and soap when not like acetone