May 21, 2019 2 min read

Most of you who have worked on cars or bikes have most likely came into contact with thread molly, or something similar.

If you have then you know how intense these types of products can be! Once they get into your hands, it really doesn't want to come off.

You need something that really gets deep into the pours of your skin to pull the toxins out. That is where Grip Clean Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner comes in.

Watch as Soap Boy really rubs the thread molly into his hands to mimic some of the worst conditions you should run into. You'll see Grip Clean fully absorbing the toxins.

One wash and the thread molly is taken away for the most part, leaving the hands exfoliated and feeling fresh.

We decided to put in a little bonus footage of our new Grip Clean Fingernail Brush in action getting deep in the fingernails to get every spec of dirt out so make sure you stay till the end!

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no getting some thread Molly of lubricant what is this thread lubricant Molly petroleum on your hands can suck okay I've done it before you get a lot of times when you're putting screws together as an assembly Lube or is he taking it off do you have some of it here I'm going to show you guys a couple quick ways you can get this nasty stuff off your hands you get this much grease on your hands we're disassembling you're doing something else wrong we got gripped clean here so our hand cleaner check it out nothing real nice I know some haters out there are gonna be saying I didn't let this grease sit into my hand it was fresh on there but I worked it in there okay it's in there pretty good still working I think I got it all but since I know there's gonna be some haters out there make sure I got it all boom check it out one wash later it's not too bad there's a couple spots I could have got I think I miss scrubbing a little bit would come out a little bit more if I went in with a second wash you wouldn't even know what happened to you boom so I went in there with a little more quick second wash used our fingernail brush as well you can see I got all the grease out that was in the back of my fingernail is embedded in their stuff that doesn't normally come out I do need to clip my fingernails that would help a little bit as well but I yeah just a little bit of bonus footage show you how well this stuff works