May 14, 2019 2 min read

It's bound to happen when you start working on your car or bike. You think you're finished, you toss the gloves, then remember the air filter.

We feel your pain. We've been there! Prime example why we decided to show you a quick and easy way to get that sticky mess off your hands.

 One quick wash with Grip Clean Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner and you are ready for the next adventure!

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getting air filter oil on your hands can suck whether your work on an air filter on your motorcycle your car K&N filter I don't really know know where the camera but I got two different types of oil here I got on what is this a Maxima spray on air filter oil and a uni foam filter oil two different types we're gonna show you a couple ways to get this stuff off your hands back spray oh dude that's nasty if you're changing air filters you should probably use gloves but your dork like me check it out we're gonna let this actually dry off a little bit right so we're not just pulling your guys's chain we're gonna let this dry tacky up your even check it out I got a lot on yours the sticky test okay here's a white piece of paper sticky not quite doing what I hoped but let's pack it up we'll get there in the meantime let's go do some stuff that you would do with sticky ants just kidding we all know you can't do that but I've waited a few minutes about tend to be exact my hands are super tacky look at this it's nasty I'll show you guys how to get it off all right so check it out I'm gonna use our wall dispenser because my hands are so gross I can actually use my elbow for this one squared of that no just like that one watch later we are tackiness free both the front and back side of the hand I dry this off a little bit more we try to spread sticky test again for and after