March 16, 2017 3 min read


Jarryds’ 8  key steps for a whip include the following:

  1. Pick which direction you want to whip. Whether to the left side or the right side it does not matter, it’s a personal preference much like a “standard” or “goofy” footed stance on a skateboard or snowboard.
  2. Make sure you get a good carve off the ramp. Depending on which direction you are whipping, you want to “carve” the runway to allow your momentum to push the bike sideways continuing off the ramp.
  3. In the middle of the transition, weight your left foot peg to PUSH the bike down and get it to “lay over” off of the ramp. This is crucial to the initial start of the whip. Continue pressuring this foot throughout the apex of the jump to keep “pushing” the whip out.
  4. Off the top of the ramp, make sure your bars are in the full “lock” position. This pushes the gyro of the wheels to get the bike to fall lower underneath you.
  5. Do not stay centered on the bike. Lean back, and once off the takeoff use your body weight to lean off the side off the bike, and “pull” the handlebars towards you to further tip the bike over.
  6. Hold the whip. Now that you have done the steps necessary to push the backend out from beneath you, hold this motion to achieve larger and larger whips as you practice (don’t forget you have to bring it back!).
  7. To bring the bike back, your opposite or outside foot now comes into play. Pressure the outside leg as HARD AS YOU CAN squeezing the frame trying to push your back end around straight. Also “revving” the bike at this time helps bring the gyro of the rear wheel back around straight again.
  8. Prepare for landing. Make sure your bars are straight, feet are on the foot pegs, and are braced for landing.

We hope this video sheds light on some important tips and tricks to help you guys to learn to whip. Please remember this video is for informational purposes only, and we do not recommend going and hucking yourself off of large jumps to try and be like Jarryd. Take your time, start small and slowly, and remember these take years of practice. If you guys like what you see and want to see more videos of different whip styles let us know in the comments.


Ride on everyone!!!


– Bryce Hudson


Grip Clean Owner/Founder