July 26, 2021 2 min read


Here's another highly requested video, but this time you asked, "Can it remove glitter?" Learn how to get glitter off skin and remove glitter from face and more.

Seems like there is a lot of you think glitter is difficult to remove, but we found it's just the opposite! Check out how to get glitter off your face quick and easily. Now if you are using some tacky adhesives with the glitter we could definitely see how this could be a hard to remove item, but seriously people, just add water!

That's right, no product marketing here in this video, just add water & that is it!

If you wanna know how to remove glitter from your hands after a crafts project, watch this video to find out how!



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does it work on glitter well so here we go glitter has been highly requested by quite a few you guys in our comments so i picked up some green glitter happened to be my favorite color and well i'm gonna rub it all into my skin see if we can get it off so here we go i'm gonna go with our all-natural formula actually ah nah i'm just gonna go with straight water to see if i can get this stuff off so honestly this is rinsing off no problem you guys do not need our soap in fact you don't need any soap for that matter to take this stuff off so boom here you go