October 07, 2021 2 min read

So in this video we visited a good friend of ours, Jarryd Mcneil to see if he could help us out with another one of those far out TikTok requests.

In todays video we feature poop!

That's right, you read correctly, POOP!

Our TikTok has some pretty off the wall requests & we figured we would respond to this one for some shock and awe!

First things first, Jarryd picks up some fresh cow dung and rubs it into his hand just before adding some of our All Natural Formula Hand Soap.

Do you think we can get rid of that Cow Dung from off his hand along with that rancid stench?

Watch the video and check out the final result, enjoy! 


✅ All-natural dirt infused formula

🙌 Will not dry or crack skin

🛠️ Maximum grease absorption power

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we've got poo going on the hand oh a little bit there you go got some poo there will our hand cleaner take off couch from your hands well i'm not gonna try it but i know someone who will so shout out to my boy jared mcneil here for being a true farmer and a true man and diving right into this thing with no hesitation you gonna squirt it on my hand sure i don't recommend doing this at home i can see how if you're a farmer you are definitely gonna come in contact with this stuff at some point in your life so here we go he's going to use our all-natural hand cleaner to try to get this stuff off now i've pointed this out in a previous video but you'll notice how the soap started out brown and this is because we use no synthetic dyes in this all natural soap but you'll notice now as he's lathering his hands the soap is actually turning green because as gross as this sounds it's absorbing that nasty poop that's on his hands and rinsing away ten out of ten ten grip clean is the