HOW TO REMOVE: Antiseize

September 28, 2021 2 min read

Have you ever gotten this stuff on your hands?

Antiseize spreads all over the the skin and can be a real pain to remove.

We know there's a handful of people out there that have to work with antiseize daily & we've been getting some requests from our tiktok fans to put together a video.

So here we are with another Grip Clean Challenge Video, "Does it work on Antiseize?"

Watch the video & check out our final results, enjoy!


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anti-seize is one of the worst things you can get on your skin and man it just spreads and spreads so here we go i have some permatex anti-seize here this stuff is pretty toxic and cancer-causing so i'm going to use a silicone hand here however in true annie sees fashion it ended up in all the places that i didn't want it to oh my god we gotta just spread dude i think we're just gonna scratch this i'm just gonna use my own hand i'm gonna use our all natural cleaner here to get it off and lo and behold you'll notice how the soap started out brown and the soap has like turned gray as it's absorbed the anti-seize but boom check it out one wash later got that anti-seize off so if you're using it in the mechanical industry and you happen to get it where you don't want it which is on your hands use grip pin to get it off finger looking good baby sees