How To Remove Glow In The Dark Pen With Grip Clean!

February 24, 2022 2 min read

Glow in the dark marker pen is definitely a fun one to play with but what do you do when it's time to clean this stuff up?

We took 3 different colors of glow in the dark marker pen & challenged them to a clean up with our soap & a scrub brush.

Honestly I wasn't sure if we would get it all in the first wash since this stuff felt more like glue when it dries on your skin!

So we dived right into the clean up & to our surprise we got almost all of it off my skin!

I think a better way to have really gotten it all in one wash was to do it in the dark so that i could see exactly where the glow in the dark ink was at on my skin, because as you can see at the end of this video, there were a few spots that I missed!

All in all this was definitely a fun one to film & I hope you enjoyed watching it as I did cleaning it!

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can we take off glow-in-the-dark marker pen well this should be a fun one let's go all right we're just going to try all of these colors so i'm not actually sure when you would use this glow in the dark paint but let's go check it out in the dark it looks way cooler in there and man this is a really cool product i'm sure it's fun for children or if you're up in the club under some black lights it gives a really cool unique effect but let's say the club is now closed and it's time to go home and you want to wash all this stuff off let's see if the all-natural formula can take it off in one wash now we knew this was actually going to be a