Artists That Use Oil Based Paint Need To Watch This Video Now!

We have tried everything it seems like so we decided to do something a little artsy this time around & well we landed on oil based paints!

If you are an artist or you know someone who is an artist, then you also know oil based paints tends to get on & off the canvas.

After a few requests from our tiktok fans & a few Bob Ross youtube videos I can see how this stuff can make a real mess & cleaning it up can be a real pain.

So in this video I go over how to properly clean up oil based paint from off of you skin! We start by showing off my amazing skills as an artist by painting a nice ocean and sunset scene for you & end it with paint all over my hands!

To properly clean this stuff up, you are going to need our soap along with our scrub brush.

Watch this video to end to check out our final results on the clean up, enjoy!

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