How To Clean Brake Dust Off Your Hands & Get Brake Dust Off Rims

September 09, 2022 2 min read


Brake dust can be a messy.  But, there is a simple way of how to clean brake dust off your hands once the job is done.  That's right, by using Grip Clean heavy duty hand soap!

Simply apply our hand soap, lather up, and clean the brake dust off with an easy scrub and wash.  Our brake dust remover can also be used as a solution for how to get brake dust of rims and wheels.

Put Grip Clean to the test to see if this is something you should have while working on your car.



does it work on brake dust well I just took these pads off my F-150 and clearly my hands are covered in a bunch of brake dust so we want to show you if we can get it off let's go try okay so I'm going to keep this video short and sweet those are some brake pads off my F-150 that were taken off this morning and I'm going to use our all natural hand cleaner and only one pump of this stuff to show you guys how concentrated it is how much it lathers up and how much grease it can remove in just one wash so if you guys are working at auto dealerships or you're changing tires or you're working on brake jobs and stuff dude this hand cleaner is awesome it will not dry and crack your skin no matter how many times you wash and it basically removes everything so this stuff is awesome brake dust not a problem I think we can put the brakes on that one because we got a winner baby