September 08, 2022 1 min read


me to try a blue coat germicidal let's give this a shot if our hand wipes can save the day man so this blue coat was really putting our products to the test i didn't really know what to classify it as it wasn't a paint and it wasn't an oil but the hand wipes did a decent job i'd give it like i don't know seven out of ten you can kind of still see where my hand is stained so i'm going to try it using our ultra heavy duty soap and a scrub brush to see if i can get the remainder off now if you're using blue coat i'm hoping you're wearing gloves because you're probably working with an animal and some sort of an open wound just a little bit of purple left behind man so wow i'm pretty surprised at how hard this stuff was to get off not gonna lie well very difficult honestly i think this is going to come out the next shower soak this in some warm water another wash i think it'll be gone but there you go does it work yes it does does it take multiple washes yes but good test