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(XL) ULTRA Heavy Duty

Our ULTRA heavy-duty hand cleaner formula uses the same natural bentonite clay base with the additional cleaning power of limonene and increased surfactants. This unique combination of natural additives makes it a go-to product for everyone.

About the Soap:

Works best for hard to remove paint, diesel, crude oil, adhesives, and other stubborn items.

- Increased cleansing abilities

Dirt infused formula absorbs grease and grime

- Effective waterless hand cleaner

- Lemon-scented formula

*must be used with our (XL) Grit Soap Dispenser*

Net Wt. 135oz bottle rated for 1000+ washes

5 1 1 - 50 days
10 2 2 - 50 days
15 3
3 - 50 days
20+ 5+ 5 - 50 days 

100% Satisfaction guaranteed. Adjust, pause, defer or cancel your subscription any time. No contracts, no minimums, no B.S.

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