(XL) Ultra-HD Refill

✅  Large jug for higher volume usage

✅  Absorbs almost everything

✅  Removes stubborn paint, oil, and adhesives

✅  Inverted design ensures all soap is used

Hard-core cleaning power in a high-volume output. We loaded our Ultra Heavy Duty hand soap into a massive inverted canister rated for 1,500+ washes to get you the most grease-absorbing bang for your buck. Even your “sensitive” techs will love how it breaks down tough adhesives without drying out their skin. Plug one into our (XL) Soap Dispenser for round-the-clock cleaning.

Volume Pricing Available
Quantity  Each
4 $33.00
8 $31.00
12 $29.00

*Must be used with our (XL) Soap Dispenser*

Net Wt. 135oz. | rated for 1,500+ washes