Starter Bundle

✅  Bentonite Clay particles soak up and remove oil substances and grime buildup

✅  Finely ground pumice acts as a gentle(r) exfoliant, helping scrub away dirt and grime.

✅  Coconut-based soap contains natural, nourishing ingredients that penetrate deeply to heal and hydrate your skin - will help heal extremely dry and irritated skin.


Looking for a heavy-duty hand soap that can tackle the toughest greaseoil, and grime? Look no further than Grip Clean's all-natural bentonite clay formula.

Its powerful cleansing action, infused with nourishing coconut and olive oil moisturizers, penetrate deeply to hydrate your skin. 

This formula contains PUMICE, acting as a gentle exfoliant while breaking down tough residue. The refreshing lime essential oil scent transports you to the Caribbean.

This soap is safe to use on your entire body and will help heal extremely dry and irritated skin.