(XL) All-Natural Refill

✅  Large jug for higher volume usage

✅  Absorbs almost everything

✅  All-natural, coconut oil formula

✅  Inverted design ensures all soap is used

Stop wasting time refilling soap! Stick this All-Natural Heavy Duty (XL) refill canister into our (XL) wall mount and don’t think twice about it for 1,500+ washes. Even “sensitive” types will love how this aggressive, dirt-infused formula breaks down the gnarliest gunk known to man without drying up skin. Perfect for large shops with lots of filthy techs. 

Volume Pricing Available
Quantity  Each
4 $33.00
8 $31.00
12 $29.00

*Must be used with our (XL) Soap Dispenser*

Net Wt. 135oz. | rated for 1,500+ washes