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Hand & Tool Wipes


These scrubbing wipes that are convenient for on the go workers, work trucks, and job sites with no access to running water. Their high Limonene content helps clean hard to remove paint, adhesives, and grease with ease. Great to use on your hands, arms, and even for cleaning your wrenches/tools.

  • Citrus Scented.
  • 30ct Tub.
  • Highly absorbent green textured towels.

Product Features

✅ 30 count - Heavy Duty Hand & Tool Wipes to remove grease, paint, oil, adhesives, ink, tar, and whatever else you get on your hands and surfaces. Exceptional on all types of grease and grime, as well as harder to remove paint, adhesives, diesel, and more.

🍋 CITRUS SCENTED - LARGE 9.5" x 12" scrubbing shop towel in a 30ct container. Foil sealed for guaranteed freshness with no over dried cleaning rags. Each wipe is fully solution soaked and ready to be used as waterless hand wipes.

🛠️ DUAL TEXTURED degreaser wipes have mild green scrubbers on one side for harder to remove messes, and smooth side for sensitive surfaces. Resealable container so you can take it anywhere you go.

💥 ULTIMATE HAND CLEANER WIPES for automotive mechanics, painters, carpenters, fabricators, plumbers, electricians, welders, outdoorsman, farmers, camping, pine tar, household uses, bbq cleaner, and many more uses.

🇺🇸 100% MADE IN THE USA and guaranteed to work or we will give you your money back. Outperforms leading brands including Tub o Towels, Scrubs in a Bucket, Miracle Wipes, Gojo, Fast Orange, and more.

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