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Fingernail Brush - 5 Pack

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Case $29.95 $16.25 $13.70 84%  45%


Product Features

✅ MEDIUM STRENGTH BRISTLE fingernail brush for use on hands, fingers, nails, or surfaces. Great for hard to reach grease, oil, dirt, and grime under your fingers and nails.

💥 REMOVABLE SUCTION CUP DESIGN allows you to stick this nail cleaner brush anywhere you please. Put it on your mirror, shower walls, side of sink. Easily remove suction cups if not desired.

👊 RIBBED HANDLE for secure grip when hands are dirty. Dark grey handle and black bristles keeps the brush looking cleaner for longer.

ğŸŽ GREAT GIFT for auto mechanics, handy man, gardeners, welders, fabricators, grease monkeys, construction workers and tradesman alike.

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