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✅  Bentonite Clay particles soak up and remove oil substances and grime buildup

✅  Finely ground pumice acts as a gentle exfoliant, helping scrub away dirt and grime.

✅  Coconut-based soap contains natural, nourishing ingredients that penetrate deeply to heal and hydrate your skin. 

Looking for a heavy-duty hand soap that can tackle the toughest greaseoil, and grime? Look no further than Grip Clean's all-natural bentonite clay formula.

Its powerful cleansing action, infused with nourishing coconut and olive oil moisturizers, penetrate deeply to hydrate your skin. 

This formula contains PUMICE, acting as a gentle exfoliant while breaking down tough residue. The refreshing lime essential oil scent transports you to the Caribbean.

Give it a try today and feel the difference for yourself.