Flat Top Gallon Jug

✅  Fits on our stainless steel dispenser

✅  Easily interchanges

✅  Large quantity of soap

This flat top gallon refill jug features our famous all-natural Heavy Duty hand soap, outfitted for high-volume cleaning stations. Our coarse pumice formula breaks down tough dirt and gunk, while solvent-free moisturizers leave even the most sensitive hands soft, smooth and hydrated. Pop this refill into our Stainless Steel Dispenser to clean oils and grease around the clock.

Volume Pricing Available
Quantity  Each
4 $33.00
8 $31.00
12 $29.00

*Pairs with our Stainless Steel Wall Dispenser*

Net Wt. 128oz. | rated for 1,500+ washes

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