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Flat Top Gallon Refill | All-Natural

These large 1-gallon refill jugs of our industrial soap are intended for use on our wall-mounted, stainless steel, soap dispenser. Easily interchanges onto the pump and each jug is rated for over 1000+ washes. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Combined rating of over 2,000+ washes

**Made to be fit specifically with our stainless steel wall dispenser #1310**

About the Formula:

No Added Chemicals or Solvents!

Leave all the chemical-based hand cleaners behind and adopt our ALL-NATURAL formula! With the help of our natural formula, you get to deep clean and moisturize your skin at the same time. Each cleaner uses absorbent bentonite clay combined with high concentrations of coconut oil and olive oil. Works best for typical automotive grease, oils, inks, metals, odors and stains. Cleaning after those “extra dirty” jobs is no longer an issue as this product is safe to use on your entire body and face.


  • Non-Drying.
  • Coconut Oil + Olive Oil Moisturize.
  • Lime Essential Oil.
  • 2x Concentrated.

Great for removing:

  • Automotive grease
  • Oil
  • Odors
  • Metals
  • Lead

100% Clean hands guaranteed or we will give you your money back.
Yup, it's that good.


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