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"Healthy, simple, and easy - now THAT'S something worth getting dirty for."


See what all the hype is all about:

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The one that made us famous.

Grip Clean’s original dirt based hand cleaner in a 10oz squeeze bottle.

Rated amount of washes: 50

Just rub product onto hands, add small amount of water, lather, and rinse clean.

100% Satisfaction GUARANTEED!

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This 1/2 gallon jug is perfect for those needing a large amount of soap, but with the ease and convenience of having a disposable pump.

Guaranteed to last you 2x longer than competitors product.

Rated amount of washes: 50

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For those serious about getting dirty.

This setup comes with 1 wall mounted soap dispenser with a 1 gallon jug of hand soap.

Stainless steel pump that was built to last and comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY.

Mounts securely to any wall – hardware included .

Recommended amount of washes: 650

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1 gallon refill jug that is specifically made to be accompanied by our industrial wall mounted pump.

Easily installs into wall pump without any tools or spilling.

Recommended amount of washes: 650

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Not at all. Our coconut oil soap base was designed to be delicate enough to be used used multiple times daily without abusing your skin.

We use real lime essential oil to scent our product. Giving it a nice citrus lime smell, while keeping it all natural.

We don't just use "any" dirt. It is a blend of high quality cosmetic grade clays, the same type women use for facial masks. 100% safe and sterile to use.

Because there is no petroleum chemicals or solvents in our product, it does not break down adhesives or paint as well as we would like. But with some scrubbing, it can be accomplished.

Gas Monkey Racing driver Alex Laughlin talks Grip Clean

Alex Laughlin is a professional NHRA drag race driver for Gas Monkey Garage and Energy drink.

His team let us come out to the races in Pomona, California and shoot them in action. See what Alex has to say about Grip Clean!