Grip Clean Hand Soap

All of our products were created with this nuisance in mind. No dry and cracked hands here, no matter how many times you wash!

No the product does not expire or turn rancid. The product may dry out if left open for extended periods of time. Keep a tight seal on the packaging and it will last forever.

Yes, our ULTRA Heavy Duty formula, as well as our Hand & Tool Wipes, work great as a waterless hand cleaner. Our All Natural version does require water to perform the best.

A lot of other cleaners out there may claim to get your hands clean, but we pride ourselves on the way your hands FEEL after you wash them. Afterall, gasoline would get your hands clean, but they wouldn’t feel or smell very good… Get our point?

No, it will not. We use a finer grade pumice sand than what you find in any competitors products, so it rinses easier down your drain and does not clog pipes or septic systems.

Yes, we do not use any “dirt” from outside. We use finely grade cosmetic grade clays that are safe for use on all skin types.

None of our products have ever been tested on any animals of any sort. All testing was done by us here at Grip Clean, on ourselves, to ensure a top-quality product.

Yes this product is safe for everyone to use. Even on children. This product would only not be suitable for you if you had a specific allergy to any of our ingredients.