Ultra Scrub Vehicle Wash Sponge (2pk)

Dive into dual-textured power with our dual-Sided Sponge. Switch between smooth wiping and a soft yet effective scrubbing experience. With expanding sea foam, you're assured a superior clean that's gentle on surfaces. It's the perfect blend of innovation and efficiency in your hands! Discover the ultimate car care experience with our car wash sponges – because your vehicle deserves the best.


Easy-Going Double-Texture: Kick back with the soft side, or get down to business with the scrubbing side. Our dual-textured car wash sponge makes cleaning a breeze.

More Soap, Less Dips: Our cool expanding sea foam holds soap like a champ, so you spend less time dipping in your car wash bucket and more time giving your ride the love it deserves.

Gentle Cleaning Vibes: Chill out knowing our sponges soft scrubbing side is surface-safe. No scratches, just love for your ride—bye-bye stubborn grime and bugs!

Two-Pack Convenience: With two sponges in each pack, you have a backup for future car washes or the option to tackle multiple cleaning tasks at once without the need for a car wash brush.