July 05, 2019 1 min read

If you didn't already know, I, Bryce Hudson (Grip Clean founder), am a professional motocross rider turned entrepreneur/soap maker/blog post writer. For many years I have competed in top motocross events including the ESPN XGames. And while these events are extremely fun and thrilling to ride, the long term goal with creating Grip Clean was so that I wouldn't have to put my bodies health and life on the line quite as often...

Throughout the past 2018 year the business has grown tremendously and my practice days on a motorcycle have been limited. With XGames 2019 quickly approaching I was unsure of my abilities and availability to compete in the event.  


XGames Step up

Thankfully after speaking with a few new companies about sponsorship for the event, SmartStop Self Storage stepped up in a big way to become my title sponsor for the 2019 ESPN XGames. Partnering with SmartStop has been a great opportunity and working with the company has been phenomenal. 

SmartStop's support to action sports athletes alike is superior and I am excited to be a part of their team. Their customer service, facilities, staff, and core values are all top notch and you can see this at ALL their storage locations. 

Checkout a SmartStop Self Storage location by clicking HERE, and tell them Bryce at Grip Clean sent you ;)

SmartStop Self Storage Logo

SmartStop Self Storage
"The Smarter Way To Store" 

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