How To Get Wood Stain Off Skin and Hands - Removing Wood Stain

March 21, 2019 2 min read

So, you need to get wood stain off skin and hands but you've got no idea how to do it.  If you want to know how to remove wood stain from hands, just stay tuned.  We’ve all had those weekend projects our girlfriends, fiancés and wives made us do from inspiration they got from Pinterest. Over the weekend, my Honey-Do list included the burning and staining of a pallet. Not sure what her plan is but my fiancé says she has a vision for it at our wedding coming up.

I burned the pallet with a blow torch and stained it using Varathane classic wood stain in the color Special Walnut. Once I was done, my hands looked like Ross Geller’s after his 4th spray tan…if you know, you know. I wasn’t too worried, I knew I could count on Grip Clean to save the day. One wash with our DIRT infused soap and my hands were ready for my fiancé's next project.




and there we have it we're finished staining it you can clearly see the difference between the Burnside and the non burn third one in here you can tell I did a little bit darker I think it came out a little bit better so there's a little tip and you see this side it just came out a little bit lighter not as many dark areas it's just a little bit lighter and of course I said in the beginning your hands we're gonna get filthy dirty so check out mine now now the second project let's try to get these things clean all right so we made it to the sink I