How To Remove Wood Glue From Skin & Hands

June 02, 2021 2 min read


Often times it can be difficult to know how to remove wood glue from skin or hands. Depending on the type of wood glue, you may require a heavy duty hand soap to get the job done.

Here at Grip Clean we manufacture a premium heavy duty hand soap for this type of need.  Our all-natural hand cleaner can handle most of the tough jobs that ordinary hand soap just can't tackle. Not only does our heavy duty hand soap work great at removing wood glue from your hands and skin, it also does a fantastic job removing grease, grime, and other messy things.  So get clean with Grip Clean!

Here it is, another "How to video" by request, enjoy!

BTW, If you are getting this much wood glue on your hands i would recommend a new profession. 



✅ All-natural dirt infused formula

🙌 Will not dry or crack skin

🛠️ Maximum grease absorption power

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try it on wood glue huh all right well i have here some tight bond original wood glue and as usual i'm gonna squirt a bunch of this crap all over my hands now if you have this much wood glue on your hands i recommend wiping your hands with a paper towel first to remove as much as you can before using soap now i did not let this stuff fully dry on my hands i was afraid of a chemical burn so i wanted to get it off right away but it was really fun to wash off it was interesting because the glue started to clump up with our soap as it reacted and it just gave me a different effect than what i'm used to boom voila clean soft hands so if you're working with wood glue check it out