How To Remove Tie-Dye From Skin And Hands

August 09, 2021 2 min read


Does anyone really know how to remove tie-dye from skin and hands? Tie-dye can be one of the toughest things to get off of your hands.  It's also a problem figuring out how to remove tie-dye from clothes.  Tie-dye is just tough!

So, unless you want to get stuck with colored hands and skin, you'll need to find a reliable solution to removing stubborn tie-die. In this next video we are going to try out our Grip Clean hand soap and our Grip Clean hand wipes and see what happens.  Let it be known, we are determined to get this stuff off! 

Here we go with another "TikTok Made Me Do It!" In this latest Grip Clean Challenge the request is Tie-Dye. Now if you have ever tie-dyed anything, you know the ink can be a real pain in the ass to remove. Heck, that's probably why we got so many requests! In this video we show you what happens when you take tie-dye stained hands & introduce Grip Clean into the mix! Watch the video to see what happens next!



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try it on tie dye huh all right let's get to tying and dying it does come with gloves and i highly recommend using these things but obviously we're group cleaned and we don't use no stinking gloves around here all right i got this tie-dye kit at a local walmart and it came with a bunch of different inks and a shirt so here we go it does come with gloves and i do recommend using them because inks and dyes are some of the hardest things to get off of my skin and i'll be honest like i always am our ultra heavy duty soap did not take off this tie-dye while it got a little bit of the surface off man my hands were still stained so i'm actually going to try to get it off with our hand wipes as well these are a little bit more of an aggressive formula but unfortunately i had the same luck and it was not coming out of my skin however i am not going to leave you guys hanging and i am going to give you a solution to get this stuff off so check it out this is some cool chlorinating liquid it is not recommended for skin so to avoid any nasty chemical burns i suggest go swimming in your pool for 15 to 20 minutes and that could help loosen it up