November 21, 2019 2 min read

Need to know how to get off spray paint from your hands?  Well, taking spray paint off hands and skin is not easy.  Fortunately, here at Grip Clean we've got the solution! 

When working with spray paint, you're bound to get over-spray on your hands and skin. Unlike water-based paints that are removed easily with soap and water, spray paint typically is stripped using paint thinner, acetone or lacquer thinner. Until now!

Our newly formulated Ultra Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner uses our proprietary natural BENTONITE CLAY soap base with the additional cleaning power of LIMONENE and increased surfactants. These additions make it an excellent waterless hand cleaner and great for removing spray paint, oil-based paint, primers and acrylics.

Pair this soap with our customer Fingernail Brush and you're locked and loaded against all stubborn substances! 

Try it out for yourself!


hey guys my name is Bryce just wanted to show you if you're ever working with spray paint at home working on some little projects or if you're a professional painter you're bound to get some overspray on your hands so I wanted to show you guys we're gonna spray all this stuff on my hands and I'm gonna show you how well our hand cleaner works at taking all of this stuff off alright so here we have a rust-oleum high heat tough protective enamel spray a little bit of this on there alright we also have here quick color another spray and then we'll another black foot from another brand rust-oleum blue gloss last but not least we have another rust-oleum gloss and green there you have it I will let this stuff dry up and then I'll show you how well our ultra heavy-duty hand cleaner works at taking all this stuff off alright so my hands are nice and dry no paint left on my face I'm gonna show you how well our ultra hand cleaner works taking this off since this is paint it's probably gonna need a little bit more scrubbing action handy scrub brush got a little bit of water there we have it that got all the paint off on both sides of my hand it's a really great product uses no harsh chemicals or solvents not gonna dry or crack out your skin you don't need to use gasoline anymore to get that stuff off your hand so do you guys ever working with this type of stuff I highly recommend our products and if you ever have any issues feel free to reach out to us and we'll take care you