How To Get Spray Paint Off Skin And Hands

May 04, 2021 2 min read

Ready to learn how to get spray paint off skin? Then you're in luck. We'll show you how to remove spray paint from skin and hands with just a couple of wipes. You just need the right tools.  In this case, that means some heavy duty Grip Clean Hand Wipes.

Our buddy Collin from BlueFunkCollective came by the shop the other day to create a new art piece for the office. In the process of being creative, Collin found himself with some pretty grimy hands so we gave him some of our Grip Clean heavy duty hand wipes to try out.

Using our commercial grade hand wipes is one of the best ways how to get off spray paint from your hands, face, and other skin areas.  

Watch the video & check out the results!


Oh it works on spray paint alright check out this cool collab video we did with the local artist blue funk collective so the artist colin is a long-lost high school friend and i actually wanted him to do a custom piece of artwork that i could put in my office here's the final piece he came up with and i'm super stoked the way it came out he was able to knock this artwork piece out pretty quickly but in true grip clean fashion his hands were covered in all types of spray paint and oils and well we maybe added a little extra paint just for the camera we also let it dry for a few minutes as you can see it is dry nothing left over on colin's face but here you go here's his hands before and we're gonna get right into it with our hand and tool wipes these things work great at breaking down all types of paint not just spray paint not gonna lie spray paint is really hard to get off and it took some scrubbing but as soon as it got a little soaked and saturated it seemed like the paint was able to wipe off a lot better so to keep this video short and sweet colin used one wipe to clean his right hand he's gonna need to come back in with the second wipe to clean the other but here you go here's a side by side comparison you can already tell how much paint it took off