November 08, 2019 2 min read

Whenever you use spray adhesive glue for a job, you are more than likely to over-spray and get adhesive glue on your hands or skin. Anyone who has experienced this knows it can be an absolute struggle to remove. So that's why we made this video on how to remove adhesive from skin and hands.
Nothing is worse than getting the job done and then walking around sticking to everything you touch. Fortunately, Grip Clean's heavy duty hand and tool wipes are the perfect solution. Whether you need to know how to remove 3M adhesive or another brand, our adhesive removing wipes makes the job quick and easy.
Our new Hand & Tool Wipes make for an easy and convenient solution to remove spray adhesive glue from your skin and hands. Each wipe is fully solution soaked and ready to be used as water-less hand wipes; perfect for any on-the-go jobsite. 

One wipe is really all it takes! 



hey guys if you work in the plumbing HVAC or construction industry you're probably coming across spray adhesive pretty often this stuff is a nightmare to get off your hands I'm gonna spray some on my hands and show you how well our drift clean hand in tool wipes work at taking it off check it out I'm gonna let it tack it up for a little bit I'll show you this is the sticky test is stuff is nasty whoo oh my gosh take one of these wipes [Music] [Music] all right so that was only using one wipe I'm gonna dry my hands off all right so my hand is dry we do the old sticky test again with a fresh piece of paper just like that we got nothing so if you guys are in the construction industry or you ever come across a substance like this I highly recommend our hand in tool wipes we have a hundred percent money-back guarantee if you buy these things and they end up not working for you reach out to us we'll refund you no questions asked so they're available on our website grip clean calm or on Amazon check out the links below to get it for yourself