How To Remove Pine Sap From Skin & Removing Tree Sap

August 20, 2021 2 min read

So here are again with another great video on how to remove pine sap from skin and hands. Removing tree sap, whether it be from a pine tree or any other sap tree, can take a little extra effort.  So, if you want to learn how to remove sap from hands and skin, check out this next video.

We did a video on removing pine sap once before, however our social media following has grown ever so quickly, that we started to receive requests for this video again by some of our new followers!

Luckily we have a few nice pine trees just outside the office here, so we decided to put together another video pulling pine sap from straight off the tree and onto my hands!

Watch this video to see how many hand wipes it takes to clean up this mess! 



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Dude look at that that's a shitload of sap does it work on pine sap well we got a tree right across the street and i got clean hands let's go see if we can get them dirty whoa so there you have it i found the perfect pine tree to get some sap man this thing was coated in this stuff it was dripping on all parts of this tree so man i just coated my hands check it out there's a ton of pine sap on my hands and well i'm gonna try to get it off using our new 72 count hand and tool wipes now this pine sap is extremely hard to remove not gonna lie it did not just wipe off my hands it took a lot of scrubbing and solution soaking so there you go that was one wipe i got the majority of that sap off you can still see where there's some residue left behind so i'm going in with wipe number two to fully clean it off and well it was great results are awesome it got all that sap off it did take two wipes not gonna lie there this wipe had a ton of life left in it still but there you go clean soft great smelling hands in an easy to use on the go container so check it out