May 13, 2021 2 min read


Our next video is on how to remove permanent marker and how to get sharpie off skin and hands.  Not an easy task for most hand soaps and hand cleaners.  But before we forget...welcome to Grip Clean!

OK, back to the business at hand. As you will see in our video below, there are a few different ways to attack this problem of removing permanent marker.  Since here at Grip Clean we make both a heavy duty hand soap and heavy duty cleaning wipes, we thought we might as well try them both out. So, click on the video and let's see how it goes.

We keep getting our hands dirty, so you can keep em' clean! On today's menu, PERMANENT BLACK MARKER! Watch this video to see how permanent black marker stacks up against our Grip Clean Hand Soap & Wipes.



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let's see if we can make permanent marker not so permanent i have here an avery marks all big-ass pen it was literally the biggest one that i could find at the store and i decided well to paint my entire hand with it because i knew our hand wipes would take that stuff off right away however what i didn't know is wouldn't they work if i waited five minutes for that stuff to dry five minutes later i'm gonna go in again and try to remove some more of this sharpie with the same towel now i'll be honest i was kind of sweating on this one but it came off no problem even five minutes later but wait the story gets better i promise you next i'm gonna try our all-natural hand cleaner and let me tell you the results are probably not what you expected it doesn't work it does not work that well our all-natural soap did not work very well removing this sharpie so i recommend our hand and tool wipes i'm going to go back over what the hand soap did not remove with our hand wipe here now this isn't some eight-hour stained-in sharpie from passing out drunk on a couch but hey not a half bad removal