July 06, 2021 2 min read

Need to learn how to remove JB Weld epoxy from your skin and other materials such as plastic, car paint, and metal like aluminum, then look no further.

We'll be honest we were a little apprehensive to test this one out, but the outcome was great!

Alright guys, heres another "How To Remove," video but this time we answered the request for JB Weld Epoxy.

As always, we like to say get it while it's still tacky to help dissolve the JB Weld and take it off not when it's cured, and as you can see in this video we did just that.

We went a head and used our Grip Clean Heavy Duty Hand Wipes to start and got some pretty good results.  Then we got greedy and went in for a second test and used our Grip Clean All Natural Hand Soap Formula to see how that would perform.

Watch the video to see what happens next!

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try it on jb weld huh all right that seems completely unsafe let's give it a shot my people we have some jb weld here uh we're gonna pop it open so there we have it we have some two-part jb weld epoxy and i'm gonna squirt it on the table here and well i'm gonna mix it up using my fingers now i do not recommend this stuff it is very dangerous and it will give you a chemical burn on your skin so when you get this stuff on your skin you need to get it off right away now i am not gonna let this stuff fully dry on my hand i'm gonna try to get it off now a normal wipe would probably not pull this off it would kind of smear it like a paper towel now our heavy duty hand wipes dude they took that stuff off no problem i was honestly worried and scared but boom i'm giving that a thumbs up it worked awesome so if you guys are working with this i highly recommend it but i'm going for test number two i also wanted to see if our hand cleaner would take it off i put a little bit more while it was still wet on my fingertips and as you saw i just use our natural soap and boom that also took it off so get it off while it's still curing and you'll have good luck