How To Get Food Coloring Off Skin and Off Your Hands

September 16, 2021 3 min read


Back with another video, but this time we challenged food coloring against our Grip Clean All Natural Hand Soap. Stay tuned to learn how to get food coloring off skin and off your hands.

We honestly didn't think that our soap was going to be able to stand up to this stuff as it is super concentrated & because of that initial suspense I've decided to let you watch the video to find out if we succeed or fail at this how to remove food coloring from skin video!

Sometimes is not only takes the right food coloring removal product, but also a little bit of scrubbing.  Fortunately, our heavy duty hand soap includes pumice soap, it's own built-in scrubbing power.  Of course, it never hurts to have a hand scrub brush to help.

Watch the video now and check out the final result, enjoy!



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an we get off food coloring from my hands well i have a pack of classic mccormick assorted food coloring and let's squirt it on my hands see if i can get it off let's go start with good old red blue yellow check last but not least get some green so now that it looks like a unicorn just took a dump on my hand i think it's time to wash this stuff off because i got things to do and i don't want my hand looking like this all day that stuff is not coming off but as you just saw normal water is not taking this stuff off so what are we gonna do we're gonna try our all-natural hand cleaner to see if this will take it off first and uh well we're just gonna dive right into this it does have some scrubbing power and absorption power to try to remove those dyes and it was working it didn't work quite as quick and fast as i was hoping but it did remove the green and yellow pretty well obviously the red is still left behind so we're gonna have to figure out something to try to get this off so i'm stepping it up a notch to our ultra heavy duty hand cleaner this has a little bit more cleaning power for those tough to remove stains and this is a perfect example so i'm also coming in with the scrub brush because well this is a heavy duty stain that requires some heavy duty scrubbing but to my surprise the ultra heavy duty soap was working man it took the red out man it did take quite a bit of scrubbing and my hand is obviously looking a little bit red here because look dude i'm scrubbing this thing to death and just for fun i'm gonna scrub those cuticles and nails because like i said i got things to do and places to go so boom here we go for the reveal all that food coloring is gone baby so if you're baking cookies with grandma this weekend and you happen to get some coloring on your hands check out grip clean