July 06, 2021 2 min read


In this "How To Remove Elmers Glue," video we test out our GRIP CLEAN ALL NATURAL HAND SOAP vs. ELMERS GLUE, GLUE ALL!

People are always asking about how to dissolve Elmer's glue or get it off their hands.  As always, we like to say get it while it's still tacky or wet and as you can see in this video we did just that. So, let's see how our heavy duty hand soap does and in the process learn how to remove Elmers glue fast and easy!

We went a head and squeezed a bunch of this stuff onto my hand & used our GRIP CLEAN ALL NATURAL SOAP for the clean up.

As expected we got some pretty good results!

Watch the video to see what happens when you put ELMERS GLUE, GLUE ALL up against our GRIP CLEAN HAND SOAP!


✅ All-natural dirt infused formula

🙌 Will not dry or crack skin

🛠️ Maximum grease absorption power

🇺🇸 Made in the USA

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try it on elmer's glue all right no problem coming right up all right guys we have some elmer's glue all glue so if you're working with your kids with some arts and crafts projects and they happen to over spill you're like looking the other way and just oh my god there's glue everywhere what are we gonna do so there you have it you were working on some arts and crafts projects with your kids and you looked the other way and next thing you know there is glue all over the place well we're gonna try to get this off i'm gonna try to remove some of it with a paper towel honestly that didn't work that well just kind of smearing it but here we go i'm gonna try out our all-natural hand cleaner against this stuff this is a great product super handy to keep around the house for random messes just like this because you never know when your hands are gonna get dirty and i feel like you're gonna want a nice hand cleaner for when they do so boom this elmer's glue came off right away of course i did not let it fully dry on my hands but honestly it kind of flakes off easier when it's fully dry so if you need to get it off get it off while it's still curing and tacky that's always my recommendation but i'm going to give this one a 10 out of 10.