September 21, 2021 2 min read

The question "Can we remove chain lube" has been pretty popular on our TikTok feed & as you know we try to never disappoint.

We went ahead and got some Maxima Chain Guard Lube along with our silicone hand & covered it in lube!

You guys know what happens next, we used our All Natural Formula Hand Soap for the clean up!

Watch the video & check out our end result, enjoy!


✅ All-natural dirt infused formula

🙌 Will not dry or crack skin

🛠️ Maximum grease absorption power

🇺🇸 Made in the USA

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can we take off chain lube i'm not gonna put this stuff on my hand so i got my trusty sidekick here and well we're gonna coat them up so here we go all right so i have some maxima chain guard and chain lube here and i'm spraying my trusty silicone hand to try to remove it and emulate what it would be like if it was on my hand so here we go i'm using our all natural hand cleaner to get this stuff off and man it's actually extremely difficult to wash this hand it ends up sliding out of my hands it's slippery because of lube man it was tough however the all-natural soap did work at taking this stuff off and i can attest to that um and here we go we're going for the sticky test i'm gonna stick this thing in a bowl of sprinkles just to show you that there is no oil or wax residue left behind on this hand so you want to know if grip clean can take off chain wax giving that a 10 out of 10.