How to remove axle grease from your hands

March 21, 2019 1 min read

 Recently we showed you how to remove/replace the front wheel on a dirt bike. As you know, when working on almost anything motorized you're going to get dirty in the process. Once we were finished up there was grease all over Bryce's hands. We then decided to add even more... Because we can!


The purpose to this video is to show you how easily Grip Clean takes grease off your hands in one wash, using only a small amount. One wash and you are ready for your next project! For more information and info check out the links below or comment with any questions!



so we just finished up doing a quick wheel swap over on this motorcycle I got quite a bit of axle grease on my hands not too much at the moment you can't really see on camera but just for point of purpose I'll get a little bit more for you guys show you a quick easy way to get this off your hands nice and stuff right there show you we're not faking we'll do it all in one take so we got grip clean here heavy-duty hand cleaner all natural so actually got a pumice base and clay in the product like actual cosmetic grade clays and you'll see it starts out