HOW TO REMOVE: Axle Grease & Engine Oil

Watch this video to see how GRIP CLEAN, CV AXLE GREASE & USED ENGINE OIL stack up against each other.

We stopped by Precision Alignment, one of our local customer's place of business to make another "How to video," for you guys.

We took a look around the shop and found a bunch of dirty items, but what caught my attention right away was their oil waste station & a few greasy cv axles. I'm sure you can guess what happens next, we get filthy!

I took axle grease and rubbed it all over my hands combining it with some used engine oil resulting in one grimy, cruddy mess. The guys at Precision Alignment prefer our Grip Clean HD Formula, so i went a head and used some out of the brand new soap dispenser I installed for them.

All in all we had a productive day at Precision Alignment & wanted to say thank you for being a loyal customer of ours and allowing us to come down to your shop to have some fun.

To find out what happens next watch the whole video!



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