January 04, 2022 1 min read

Here we are with another TikTok challenge & this time we take pipe thread sealant and put it all over my hands.

This stuff is usually used to seal and secure metal, plastic and fiberglass piping and fittings. 

Similar to anti-seize this thread sealant is pretty tacky and somewhat sticky.

Watch this video to the end & check out our final results using our Grip Clean Hand & Tool Wipes for the clean up, enjoy!


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can we take off pipe thread sealant well if you're a plumber odds are you're probably working with some liquid pipe thread sealant now odds of you getting this much on your hands are probably not as likely but we wanted to demonstrate how well our all-natural hand cleaner works and taking the stuff off now i'm going to use the scrub brush this stuff is a little bit tacky and thick so a little harder to remove pipe thread sealant i think we can put the cap on that pipe because we got a winner this is the all-natural formula works awesome you'll love it i guarantee it