August 23, 2022 1 min read

This time I got some handball resin on my hands and put Grip Clean to the test



can we take off handball resin well oh my gosh it's like vaseline with grit in it are you getting that look at that this is an excessive amount of resin i don't even think you're allowed to have this much resin when you play handball so don't mind me i'm gonna wipe some off we'll do a sticky test later but come on let's check it out just to show you guys i'm gonna use a ton here [Applause] okay this is one wash i'm feeling pretty good like i got the most of the majority of it off sometimes when you dry your hands there's always somewhere you forgot let's see majority majority of it off you can see but there's still a couple spots i missed gotta go again let's go just to clean up a few of these areas we got it look at this dude look at those hands you think my hands are sticky there ain't nothing on there