June 17, 2022 2 min read


Battle of the Hand Soaps - Grip Clean is the Real Deal!

There comes a time when we need to separate the men from the boys.  Or, in this case, the premium hand soap cleaners from the rest of the orange stuff wanna-be soaps.

Grip Clean prides itself on being a premium, industrial-grade, heavy-duty hand soap.  We focus on serving industries where the workers deal with grease and grime on a daily basis.  Not only does our heavy-duty hand soap get grease off your hands and skin more easily than others, our soap also keeps your hands feeling smooth and soft.  We use natural moisturizers to help prevent cracking skin and hands for those that need to wash their hands constantly at work.

In our opinion, there really is no contest between Grip Clean hand soap and these other guys.  Seriously, who wants dry, cracking hands when you can have healthy, smooth feeling hands.  Not to mention, our secret sauce ingredient (bentonite clay), along with pumice soap, will get your hands clean, really clean.  They'll even smell great due to the special natural ingredients we've added.

In the end, it's up to you, the actual user to decide what works best for you.  However, we're so confident in our premium quality, heavy-duty hand soap, that we offer a 100% money-backed guarantee.  That's how sure we are that you'll absolutely love this product.



compare our soap to the orange stuff let's pour some out and i'll show you some of the key differences one of the main things you'll notice right off the bat is the consistency ours is a little bit more liquidy versus the orange products are a little bit thicker and creamier our product is going to foam up like a nice soap versus this being more of a solvent-based is going to wipe off your skin better another main difference is because of this formula it can potentially dry and crack out your skin when you use it over long periods of time our product on the other hand was made to use over and over and over and this was the problem we wanted to solve was drying and cracking of skin our product moisturizes your hands and it also cleans better too another fun fact is you'll notice the color difference and our soap is actually brown because this reason right here and what that does is it absorbs all the grease and grime that gets stuck deep in the fingernails and pores of your hands versus this is doesn't have it plain and simple they both use pumice sand for texture so while uses a similar sand they might use about that much grip clean on the other hand is going to use about that much giving you the scrubbing texture and power that you guys are looking for all right so that is some of the main differences between the two this orange stuff is a legendary product it's been around for many years but grip clean man this stuff is 2.0 we're here to change the game baby