Graffiti paint is not made to come off but I think we have a solution.

August 05, 2022 1 min read


Testing out a product that might be coming soon? 👀




hey josh we cannot pass that up dude this ain't the hood this is 7-eleven just made this place let's go let's go fix it up holy smokes i'm actually kind of surprised it is not coming off but i guess that's why they use that stuff huh but i think i have one more solution let's go try it all right so this is a new product that we have been formulating and i've been testing it on a bunch of different stuff kind of curious just to see how it works on this it's kind of a soak and clean so you gotta let it soak for a little bit to really do its magic let's see oh yes yeah all right well while you were sitting here in the ac i finished the job all right and if you don't believe me you guys uh 7-eleven off of jefferson eastman drive here in murrieta california come check it out for yourself