How To Remove Walnut Stains From Hands & Get Black Walnut Stains Off

January 04, 2022 2 min read


We had a good number of requests come in for black walnut stains to see if Grip Clean can handle the clean up! So stayed tuned for how to remove walnut stains and get black walnut stains off your hands and skin.

So we went ahead and ordered some black walnut husks from Amazon and put our Grip Clean All Natural Hand Soap formula to the test!  OK, time to learn how to get walnut stains off your hands...

You'll notice we added a little water to the walnuts just to get them to stain a bit more as they were pretty dried out. This seems to be the best way for how to remove walnut stains from skin and hands.  

Watch this video to the end and check out our final results with our All Natural Formula, enjoy!



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can we take off black walnut stains from my hand well we picked up this bag on amazon and we're gonna play with some of it so oddly enough this walnut stain has been a highly requested item now i'm not sure how many of our followers are walnut farmers out there but surprisingly this black walnut shells was pretty hard to get off my hands we did got all that stuff out my hand looks brand new minus that little speck if you guys are working on the farm with walnuts and you get your hand stained use our all-natural formula works awesome baby