September 16, 2022 2 min read

If you've got some old rusted garden tools that need cleaning, Grip Clean can help. If have have the right product, it's actually not that difficult to remove rust from metal tools. We believe it's the best rust remover to remove rust from tools. This where Grip Clean's Soak Off Heavy Duty Rust Remover makes a real difference. 

With Grip Clean, you'll learn how to remove rust quickly and easily.  Clean rusty tools without having to strain yourself scrubbing endlessly to get every spec of rust off your tools.  Grip Clean offers a simple DIY rust remover to clean garden tools, hardware equipment, and more. Just place your rusted tools into the Grip Clean Rust Remover solution and let it do all the work to clean rust off tools for you.

Learning how to get rust off tools is probably a lot easier that you first thought.  Now that you've watched our short video on how to remove rust from tools, click on the Rust Remover product link and place your order!  All of our Grip Clean products come with a full 100% money back guarantee. 


We launched a brand new product to get rust off what ever you need!


do you guys have some old rusty tools garden tools or some shears well let's show you how to get them looking new again it's gonna need some grip clean rust remover and soaking solution okay next you're gonna need a tank now you don't need one this big you just need something enough to be able to submerge these parts we got this non-toxic rust remover it's also reusable we're gonna let this part soak the longer you let it soak the better in my opinion so you can leave it overnight but we're gonna check on it in two to three hours and see how it's looking so it has been a few hours now this was not very rusty it was rusty but wow a couple hours later these are looking good now you could run this under some water but obviously that seems kind of like a dumb idea so i'm going to use our degreaser here just to clean it off dude they're looking good i can use them again they were like locked up i'm crunching before dang it well now i have no excuse for the wife why i didn't do any garden work